Immortal Minecraft Servers

Immortal Minecraft SMP

Server IP:

Server IP is same on every platform, for both java and bedrock, ip is, only if you are accessing to server from bedrock client, you must put 19132 to the port field when adding our server.

Cross-Play Bedrock & Java

Seamless cross-play experience with bedrock support on our java servers, you can play from your phone, xbox and pc, your friends can join you whatever platform they play on without any restrictions.

Accessible with cracked clients too!

Our servers are non-profit, we don't sell any ranks or items so since we don't make any money from it, we decided to let people who are not able to buy original minecraft copy to play with us, not everyone born with a silver spoon, we feel you fellas<3

Server Version 1.18.2

To give the best vanilla, survival minecraft gaming experience, we always try to keep our servers updated to the latest version of game as soon as possible when a new version rolls out.

Non-Profit Server

We don't sell any ranks, we don't accept any donations, all our promotion and hosting costs are paid by server owners personal budget.